25 to Life

Adventures in doubt and self imprisonment

So sick…


Nothing this week. I’m full of death and plague brought to me by Patient Zero AKA My Son. I can’t swallow, I ache, lungs feel heavy. WebMD is no friggin’ help. According to them I either have bronchitis or Hodgkins disease. Seriously?! That’s a huge friggin’ gap! Their symptom checker needs a few more qualifiers, that’s all I’m saying.

Either way my creativity is zapped. I will lay in bed and watch Til Death on Netflix until the Nyquil ushers me into slumber. Which better better be pretty dayem soon….I hurt…



4 thoughts on “So sick…

  1. Your wiener of a husband is trying to help you feel better! I love you! Get some rest and feel better! Your loving wiener!

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