25 to Life

Adventures in doubt and self imprisonment

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Alas, Alack…

Why do I have these dark rings under my eyes and my teeth only half brushed? Spent all night in the ER with DS who went and decided to see what a full fledged asthma attack feels like. Poor little man. He’s on Albutirol and I’m on pure adrenaline and stale coffee.

I’m so frikkin tired I’m literally seeing double which is making this soooo much harder to write than it should be. Point being, this week’s installment will be a tad behind.


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Pot Shot


So sick…

Nothing this week. I’m full of death and plague brought to me by Patient Zero AKA My Son. I can’t swallow, I ache, lungs feel heavy. WebMD is no friggin’ help. According to them I either have bronchitis or Hodgkins disease. Seriously?! That’s a huge friggin’ gap! Their symptom checker needs a few more qualifiers, that’s all I’m saying.

Either way my creativity is zapped. I will lay in bed and watch Til Death on Netflix until the Nyquil ushers me into slumber. Which better better be pretty dayem soon….I hurt…